Retirement Income planning is completely different from investment planning.

As stock market volatility increases, join Financial Services Professional, Jennifer Lang as she teaches her clients
Safe No-Market Risk Retirement Planning. Learn: 3 strategies that will help you protect your nest egg now. 
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Bringing No-Market Risk Education To
Pre-Retirees and Retirees In a Volatile Market..
Independent Wealth Planner Strategies with Jennifer Lang
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In this webinar you will learn:
The impact taxes will have on your retirement income
How to compare annuities side by side
The best age to take social security
How to create and use a liquidity bridge to maximize social security payouts
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Retirement Planning Strategies That You
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George Mason
I have been looking for business owner retirement planning solutions and I stumbled upon Jennifer's webinar training. I am so glad
I did.  I never would have though of this strategy.
Thanks for your help, Jennifer!                   
Emma Roberts
Jennifer is in a class of her own when it comes to guaranteed income retirement planning. I couldn’t believe the amount of value packed into her webinars and videos.
Did you know that there are safer alternatives to the stock market?
Jennifer Lang addresses the concerns of pre-retirees and gives them viable no-market risk solutions that will protect their nest egg.
Hi Jennifer, I don't know if I'm your youngest client or not, but as a young investor,
 I learned so much from your webinar, 'Hey Millennials Think Your 401k Beats an IUL'.

 I like how you make things plain and simple. I'm sharing your videos with my friends and my mom! Nobody told me this stuff. Thanks . 
Employees with 401(k)s  and retirement on the horizon, cannot afford to miss this retirement planning webinar.
Learn what the impact of rising health care costs, inflation and taxes will have on your retirement savings.
Learn how to have guaranteed income for life with no stock market loss.
Are You Starting To Have Flashbacks to 2008?
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Jennifer lays out simple, strategies and draws on personal experiences to demonstrate how important the right retirement planning is. 
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Don't wait until your retirement portfolio has lost 25% - 30% of its value before you act.
If analysts are correct, we're headed for a recession.